The letter of one lover of Dances of the Multiple-purpose World is more low reduced.

The person – a being social, and to it would be desirable to communicate, senses with adherents. And where it is possible to meet such people to plunge, be diluted at ocean of love, heat and creativity?

For me Dances of the Multiple-purpose World became such ocean. We do not embark, a train or a steam vessel, and we rise in a circle, we join hands and through dance we are tolerated to long-range countries. It some kind of a trip round the world. If we dance the African dance we can introduce round themselves jungle, and nearby in a circle native fellow tribesmen dance. We can rock on surges of sky ocean in the Hawaiian dance, and then feel ourselves in nation of the Indians performing dance-prayer. And at whom it will not be torn throttling from Russian round dances?

In total not to feature. All are equal in dance, and, having joined hands, we see and we feel that we are one major monogynopaedium. Here not so words because we learn to speak heart, a view, a smile are relevant.

And all has begun in 1988 when there have arrived people from Netvoka and have led the maiden dances in the Kremlin and on Palace Square in Peter. Hearts in Russia also have responded, in northern capital there was a dancing centre, and now Russian round dances dance in other countries.

Every summer in the middle of June we will organise dancing lively fillings where people take the gear quadrant, tent, a bowl … to rest on the bank of wonderful loch. I very much like Ivan Kupala’s feast which one is led by specially invited "slavs". We sing Russian songs, we participate in plays and ceremonials: we spring through a chock; thinking of desire, we start up in floating ships with a candle.

Ten days which one we lead together on the nature, yield a charge of vivacity, pleasure, love till following summer. We have a flock of friends.

In the autumn we begin a dancing season in Moscow which one concludes in the spring.

And here one more story about dances.

On spiritual dances there has arrived our acquaintance from Riga. It has led two remarkable new dances. I will short feature one of them. Having joined hands and having organised a great circle, we sing to the guitar an intricate ode in a classic language. In prompt tempo we go the beautiful step, termed "vine shoot". And, I am propelled in phase opposition with two my associates, facing that one, to another. In the second part of dance I, having exchanged with the associate, it appear before new, and all is iterated again. The singing combination in not clear tongue with difficult telodvizhenijami when before eyes happy persons continuously flicker, reduces in a soaring state.

We have danced four hours. Was pleasant to meet old acquaintances. After summer holiday many have brought photographs from lively fillings, shared impressions. Besides, it is interesting to watch of green hands – as their persons as start to be shone by happiness and love of an eye are gradually modified. On spiritual dances the celebratory aerosphere of fun, ease, universal sympathy always reigns, we really feel ourselves as adult children. Spiritual dances are very close to group simoronskim to technicians and consequently Moscow simorontsy with pleasure in them participate.

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Once Andrey was acquainted with officers who have concluded a boat marching on loch. They suited a silvan bath and have invited Andryukha. For numerous tourists we will state the detailed specification statement of a construction of a bath.

From major rocks it is lined turik – a steady cone-shaped construction which one should be added carefully enough as then turik it is faced by fire-woods, and the major "pioneer" chock is settled. Rocks are strongly heated, can crack and even to collapse on a part. Therefore the facility turika is made with such account that even if the part of rocks will collapse, it will be inconvertible and will not be scattered on a part.

When the chock will burn through, promptly remove ash and coals. Then over turikom the army tent (without a bottom) is put, and the bath is ready.

It is necessary to close down carefully a going into tent, and it is desirable to enter and quit simultaneously, saving in a ban temperature.

Andrey thoroughly poparilsja in such bath of hour four, and to it the idea to make on a lively filling under Peter the has come. It was necessary to guess only, than to exchange army tent. The solution was promptly. Andryukha has built a timber frame construction on which one instead of tent it is possible to suppose vnahlest some strata of a thick cellophan. We have brought with ourselves polyethylene films of a major size to straddle tents during a rain. The construction is optimum if to use three Membranulas a size three on five metres.

Three bath fans can take with themselves on a polyethylene chunk, it is a little rope and to be stewed throughout all lively filling. It is quite good to take also a good axe, a two-handled saw, a small spade and a pair of thick construction mittens.

The frame is made as follows. Four pickets on altitude 1м are driven in. Above ground, marking out angles of a bath. On the upper ambit the rope is stretched. It we "slay" at once several hares. At first, a timber frame construction it is necessary to fix tacks which one at us was not. Secondly, each time should be put a frame again as it can burn down during the alternate furnace, after all a fire flame strong enough, specially at a wind. And thirdly, the rope does not pink a cellophan, unlike the slightest gnarl on an arbour.

The edges of Membranula lying on land, are powdered by sand. Later the construction was repeatedly finished. On top polyethylene began to lay sleeping bags, diminishing thermoexchange of Membranula with air outside of a bath, and simultaneously closing down holes which one was foregone occur in a cellophan after several baths. After a bath sleeping bags can be moist because of condensation, but they can be predried promptly on warm rocks.

I will note that I had thick enough polyethylene which one I carried on lively fillings three years. This champion has withstood 25 (!) baths. If to lay on top sleeping bags the frame is necessary for strenghtening two poles which one are anchored to apexes of diametrically opposite pickets.

One more betterment was the idea to dig out a pit depth of half-metre and in diameter hardly more metre. At pit centre it is lined turik. Then on its ambit small fires in which one more and more thick firewood is gradually enclosed get divorced some. And quickly enough fires are united in one huge turbulent and bellowing chock which one resembles prehistoric board for metal fusion.

Worth of this idea that walls of a pit do not yield burning through fire-woods to be rolled away from turika, and, besides, it is possible to sit on pit edge, having sinked legs in a dimple. The last capability allows to enlarge an amount parilshchikov. The Earth at a bottom and pit walls is strongly heated and if to splash water it instantaneously boils up. Therefore the pit interior it is necessary to hull a spade for a bottom, and then to fall asleep its wet sand. This sand is strongly warmed up, and then they can pour pit edges on which one are allocated parilshchiki.

I think that have yielded the exhaustive specification statement of a construction of a marching bath. I will note only that it is good to make it on riverbank or loches. What huge pleasure you gain, when you dive into cool water, having jumped out steamed out of a bath! By the way, on the coals which have remained from a fire, it is possible to prepare travnyj seagulls and if it chajkom to splash on incandescent rocks all bath will be charged with tart flavour of meadow grasses.

So, we have conceived a liking for a silvan bath under Peter. There to bungle a bath it is easily: everywhere many rocks are fulled and are complete of fire-woods. In two weeks after "Rainbow" we have gone on a lively filling near Moscow on small river Yakhroma. There was a lot of interesting, but we, having partaken a charm of a silvan bath, slightly grieved for it. We thought what to make a bath in Yakhroma it is impossible for two parents. At first, where to take a considerable quantity of rocks in one place? Secondly, on a grassy clearing on which one we were allocated, miscellaneous lively fillings for a long time already are led, there come tourists and fishers. Therefore with problem fire-woods.

We promajalis two days, and on third us has lighted up that rocks can be discovered endways in the river. And if to transit along the river far away from a grassy clearing and with fire-woods of problems will not be. There was a heat. Together with Andryukha we were propelled on a bed of Yakhroma, looking out for a suitable place. We went already about a half an hour, and on both riverbanks there were violent brushwoods of trees, a bush and a neetle. We were come to mind by idea to thank a wood spirit and to present it gifts. We had not time to conclude this stock as have seen on low to riverbank a clearing with a remarkable yellow sand and have experienced that our base surfaces stand on the major rocks which are ideally suited for a block construction turika. Once again having thanked a wood spirit, we with eagerness were accepted for operation.

It was around discovered nemerenoe a dry stems amount, and by the evening we were already stewed in banke. The place has appeared fantastically beautiful. We were environed by a wall of a grass above human growth, dumetums, an ivy, a natural currant, large burdocks and bell-flowers, mossy shafts of trees. All it resembled jungle, and it was difficult to check that somewhere the pulverulent city with major dwellings and with people, at which one flock of psychologic problems nearby is.

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Indians always attached special taint слету*. Each of them belongs to certain nation and a clan (odzhibve, dakota, siu etc.).

There live Indians in the presents tipi, the buck skins made of seamed chunks which one are stretched on a frame from long (about five metres) poles. The scaffold tipi is assigned by symbolical pictures, on flaps bell-flowers on a wind ring, and between poles the fire smoke curls. Tipi – one of the few in kempe places where there are no mosquitoes. This true home unit where the Indian feels the person, unlike tight tent. In two-seat tipi it can be typed in a rain or on a miniconcert to twenty persons.

Indians suit incendiary concerts of the Latin American music. Among instruments – garangi (the small gear quadrant), samponja (a flute from several caulises of a cane), kena (a pipe of deep chattering), a tambourine with the condor picture, fitted by a skin of a deer, a type circle jack marakasov etc.

On this lively filling Indians have been introduced by lone leader Vapiti (we will resemble that the remaining have gone on "Rainbow"). It was medium height, thickset, hook-nosed, with the long whiskers, inclement by sight muzhichok years of thirty five. Usually it wore a black felt hat with anchored to it on a rope the various pens, the shabby moccasins and the leather two: a vest and a loincloth.

About Vapiti auditions walked that he some time lived in nation odzhibve in Canada, knew their customs better climax Indians and, speak, walked alone on a bear with any rogatinoj. Besides, it was Fireman, that is the person vested with the right of dialogue with light. Its functions included matching, warming up and depositing of rocks in special tipi for an American Indian bath of "Svetloch"  *, and also routine vozzhiganija light from the Sun by means of a lenticle on commencement meetings and concealments of lively fillings.

Let’s feature more in detail the last sacramental. All participants of a lively filling organised an imposing circle at which one centre was Fireman. It was studded with the smart clothing consisting of trousers, a vest dressed on a bare skew field, and also the rather narrow circle strip engirdling a head from a forehead to a nucha, and moccasins. A solemn type added a mysterious amulet on chests, a huge knife in a yellow leather boot on a belt. All it has been covered by the skilful speckled patterns embroidered from large bead.

Vapiti fired a principal chock on a central grassy clearing from which one four fires on parts of the world were inflamed. Then the leader took a two-foot carved wood tube in arms and, having hoisted it on outstretched arms, in turn was turned on all parts of the world, disclosing working scaffolds loud guttural singing from which one at spectators transversed murashki on a back. In the end of ceremony of Vapiti bypassed a circle, tendering everyone to touch a sacred pipe of peace and to say wishes to participants of the lively filling, to all cosmos or to share impressions of a lively filling, and, maybe, simply to keep silent.

One fine day, when participants of dances of the world were turned in a major round dance, in circle centre, to Mamedanande leading dances, there was a leader apparelled in a vestment, underlining significance of the moment – "poncho" from cyan with black bands of an army blanket, along the edges of sheathed by an is bright-crimson band of a substance. Mamedananda has declared that now Vapiti will lead dance which one is performed by members of its nation. The leader has uttered that this dance is danced really by true Indians, hinting that the American Indian dances led by Mamedanandoj, are invented and to the red-skinned have no ratio.

The circle was broke down into pairs. Dance was tracked by singing of two words: "Ovodej" and "Chinchinata". At first the pair went, having joined hands, and sang "Ovodej" until the leader will not knock on a tambourine with the image of an eagle. Then the pair with words "Chinchinata" should be turned before the alternate shock of a tambourine, and on each "Chinchinatu" it was necessary to have time to make a complete revolution. Vapiti itself loudly sang dance words: "Ovodej" it was performed slowly, accordingly, and it was necessary to go slowly; and "Chinchinata" was sung promptly and as a result over a grassy clearing the dense veil of dust has risen. In blanket, dance resembled exercise on attention for children of nursery age. On person Vapiti the blissful smile was teemed.

When dance has terminated, many participants did not fall nearly from a laughter, and Mamedananda laughed to teardrops. After all at spiritual dances there is a harmonic tune, internal pace is precisely withstood; if dance conjugate there is an associate gang.

After that dance among simorontsev for Vapiti name CHINCHINATA was anchored.

In one of evenings on camp news was carried: Vapiti has caught the poacher! Our Nikita who cut down branches of young X-trees, for the purpose of tent construction has appeared it. Fireman has told: «It pretsendent! It is necessary to settle court!» The father has there and then recalled that two years ago has yielded Chinchinate some rocks with simoronskoj baths for "Svetlocha". Specially the leader liked the circular rock crowning simoronsky turik. The father became «to what is yielded by naked child Firemanу»
and as a result Nikita was retouched by public censure.

After some days the Beard and the Father were engaged in customary case – firewood for the alternate bath which one happened every other day slowly sawed. Accidentally the Father has said:

– Not bad to crack thick chocks, and that they will not have time to burn through.

Is than you prepare to chop? – It was subitaneously distributed from scrubs, and Chinchinata therefrom has come up.

– I simply romanced, – the Father has dropped.

– And you did not take my splitter? – The leader has asked, with advantage stroking the round tummy looking from under a vest. – already second day as it has disappeared.

– Yes to us to chop laziness – we prefer averages sosenki, so a splitter to us to what.

– Speak, you can discover it?

– And you iterate: «I what strokes a belly» – it and will be.

CHinchinata mistrustfully was lop-sided on us, and we, not in forces to restrain malicious smiles, have advised not only to iterate a name, but also more often to stroke a belly actually, and is obligatory clockwise. Having perceived that larger it will not be possible to achieve, the leader has abandoned our parking.

Through a pair of clocks we have departed to blanket camp and on the way to it have heard booming shocks of a splitter.


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The maiden five days of a lively filling there was a perfect solar weather. But somehow in the morning Andryukha has woken up before all and, having looked from tent, has proclaimed:

– Listen, Stepanychi, all root is fastened down by clouds – the atmospheric front comes nearer. It is time to leave – weather any more will not be!

This announcement has been met loud PVB. After a while the Beard has departed to bathe, and its attention rare ripples in the water – initiations nakrapyvat have attracted a rain.

Edge of an ear the Beard has heard sonorous boyish voices. As usual, hlopchiki from adjacent camp where the aikido sport school was allocated, with enthusiasm cleaned sand an outer surface of the huge smoked boiler. A beard did not cease to admire, beholding this mystical routine three times a day, after all the boilers simoronisty washed extremely rarely, and that – from inside: at first, they do not eat meat and canned fish, and in the core – sleets, and secondly, perfect cleaning of a bowl (and plates) cooking of the rice making walls of ware plain and snow-white-pure is.

Beard has imagined itself donom Juan causing Carlos for getting rid with sense of characteristic relevance to practice inactivity – to polish a bowl to a high lustre. However, the ingenuity well-known nagvalja did not come within miles of refinement of sergeant Sulejmanova mocking at "young". A beard nearly has not attained a clarification when, right after an appeal, in the job specification on a dining room, it for a night had to polish self-made "knife" a potato trough. The knife represented the slip of an aluminium spoon carefully basiled by the Beard about a rock. The situation piquancy was added by that each tangency of a trough or water was tracked by bracing shocks of current flow – somewhere punched conducting.

The large cold drip of the rain, knocked the Beard on a vertex, has returned it to the actuality – PVB it has appeared to Andryukha insufficiently, and the Beard sorted out soaring formulas: «I what basils a spoon about a granite», «I what induces Karlito to scrub the boiler» and
«I what scrubs the boiler». Unexpectedly the Beard has heard: «Yield, yield, scrub!» Is the coach of boys has approached, and the ultimate select has been made for benefit of the last name. Some days simorontsy occasionally «scrubbed boilers», and the atmospheric front promised by Andryukha passed by.

Once the Father has quitted at night on small need. It was silent and slightly the small rain drizzled. The father has snug straddled polyethylene tent and an imposing dump of fire-woods, privaliv Membranula major "bath" rocks.

In the morning simorontsy have woken up from a drumbeat – heavy rain jets mercilessly slashed on tent. Among the raged physical agent «nadraivanie the boiler» it seemed flimsy as Andryukha’s exited voice was distributed:

– Muzhiks, how at you in tent, chilly?

– Yes, that’s OK, the bottom – is waterproof, and on top – Membranula!

– And I have woken up because that the sleeping bag has become wet – in tent a puddle.

Then we have heard abstruse mutter: «DZHENGARDEN, DZHENGARDEN, DZHENGARDEN », is Andryukha worked with a shower on the third CLEAR. A beard has joined: «CHINATON », and the Father has solved that with an atmospheric curl it is necessary to work on the fourth CLEAR: «VIVIZUKER
» Quickly enough a rain oslab, and Andryukha with Nikita have crept out of tents. And the Father with the Beard waited the complete and ultimate termination of a rain. Andryukha has started up a fire a chock and began to make gadgets for drying of things.

At last, the sense of hunger has forced also the Father to get out on this world – it has followed water. On lakeshore before it the fascinating pattern has appeared: Nikita in a yellow cape from a rain, resembling a mantle of the astrologer, having blinked, selflessly danced simoronsky dance, loudly saying spontaneously born mantras. The father has solved not to hinder ordinance and has returned, having recalled that pleated the polyethylene straddling tent, it is possible to assemble not one bucket of the cleanest rainwater.

After a lunch the rain has stopped absolutely, and we have departed to the main camp which allocated in nizinke and has transmuted into a clump of miniloches among which one pity tents were raised. Lena has approached to us:

– Well, what, Simorony, cannot make weather?! At us have blotted all things. What to us to make – a leah to get things for dehumidifying, or again there will be a rain?

– Membranula should be carried with itself! – the Father has muttered. – in half an hour there will be a sun, – he has confidently added, having departed further.

Precisely in the pointed period sun rays have fired billions water drips, flowing over in them small rainbows. Auks have deafeningly begun to chirp, and the become cheerful participants of a lively filling were accepted to weigh out on ropes wet things.

Having returned on simoronskuju parking, we have seen Nikita swung in a hammock. The person it was played by a mysterious expressive smile: «the Mole, I know, paternal the sun has quitted!» The father has got into grocery tent behind nut coals and has subitaneously come across the forgotten ascus in which one has discovered the melted chocolate bar purchased by the Beard for Nikita at Petersburg passenger depot, and package from four creamy yoghourts «Fruttis» which one careful mum has let in pass Nikita. The father has solemnly handed over delicacies to the man of the hour. The matter is that usually Nikita eats all sweets in the maiden three days, and then theatrically suffers affliction from their lack. The inartificial delight which has occurbed on the person of the little boy, has been fixed in a name: «I what eats yoghourt in a hammock».

The Father repeatedly used this name further, for example, when Nikita two days was not demonstrated in simoronskom camp, and then declared hungry and a suffering voice spoke: «I will not go more on your lively filling! Boringly here». However, the Father used two more "powerful" names: «I what causes the sun» and «I what administers over bath construction».

Let’s explain a parentage of the last name. Nikita hung out in well familiar to it on the previous lively fillings of the company which one knew about simoronskih baths not by hearsay. Their passionate desire poparitsja was warmed up by abounding particulars Nikita’s stories how he was blissfully happy on a warm sand about incandescent rocks. And once, during vesper dances, we have heard the sensational report that Nikita has grounded the alternative bath and became its director.

Nikita, in the twelve years, had the richest experience parilshchika. The father on Tuesdays walked in a bath and when to the son it was performed five years, began to take it with itself. Soon the kid was learnt by bath habitues. Nikita permanently encouraged, admired its heat tolerance – it could, having picked up on the uppermost shelf, to "overstay" in a sweating room of many huge muzhiks, and then is brave bultyhnutsja in an ice font. In June the Father with Nikita prepared on a rate brooms – malchonka the Father the secator got on apexes of birches which one under its gravity bent down downwards, and sheared the long flexible branches.

For the first time Nikita has got on a lively filling in eight-year age. On his eyes there was a formation and rapid development simoronskoj baths, moreover, he with enthusiasm participated in looking up and transporting of rocks, procurement of fire-woods, vykladyvanii turika etc. Therefore we were not surprised that the sixth-grader administered over hefty muzhiks at construction of a bath and has embodied Andryukha’s old dream of propagation of baths. When in couple of days Nikita has come on simoronskuju parking Andryukha has bitten:

– And you have gained the licence? You, probably, have set on common hemps, have painted with a gold paint and fed with one condensed milk – therefore you and did not occur!

And Nikita pensively smiled, supposing that similar honours he has merited.

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When thanks to application spiritual or psychologic an expert the person attains successes it quite often has a desire to be divided by knowledge. Have not avoided it and we, and simoronskie seminars became as are customary on a lively filling, as spiritual dances or American Indian tipi. However, now we hold seminars or on numerous requests, or with boredom.

This time we have acquainted investigators with rename. Those who hold seminars on esoterics or to psychology, quite often interfere with with "provocateurs" who try to break a seminar. Such provocateur, Vasja, has occurbed and at our seminar – grey-haired muzhchinka medial years with redenkoj a goatee, masked among small sosenok behind our backs. When it was demonstrated for the first time on a central grassy clearing of a lively filling drove on a barrow truck so favourite by Russians, the backpack, which one sizes suggested reverent horror.

In the middle of a seminar it has unexpectedly risen from a harmonious stool and has indignantly stated that Simoron is an idolatry. We have asked Vasju to explain, why he so considers, and steels mentally propechatyvat a name: «I what drives a backpack on sprockets». It has ignored our problem and has said the long tirade in which one words "understanding" and "vzaimouvazhenie" were some times iterated. We have tendered investigators to rename "aggressor", and amusing names from different directions fell down. It only has added oil to light, and Vasja has appealed to audience: «Yes they simply sneer at us!» Its announcement has sunk in an amicable laughter.

At last Vasja to discredit idolaters, has resorted to safe, in his opinion, to a course:

– On a past lively filling to me have presented a wicker talisman from a bead which one I the whole year wore on a chest. And today has gone to bathe, has taken out a talisman and has forgotten about it. Has then returned and longly searched for it, but – it is without results. If you such wizards as speak discover my talisman.

Andryukha has advised Vase to iterate a name for talisman finding: «Krylatik over pleshinkoj». On what Vasja a voice of the drama actor has stated:

– What you yield warranties, what if I will iterate this rubbish the talisman will be?

– We warrant that if you never recall a talisman it will be.

All again have amicably laughed loudly. vasja it was not appeased, and we have tendered auditories of a mansion to iterate a name: «I what perceives and vzaimouvazhaet Vasju». The sentence with enthusiasm was accepted, and on each Vasinu a phrase necessary loud vzaimouvazhenie. Eventually, the contented Vasja which have forced idolaters to express to him understanding, with a type of a triumpher has abandoned "tribune", having taken harmonious a stool.

To this time the amount of participants of a seminar noticeably was added. People began to quit in a circle, narrating about the problems, and the auditory picked up it simoronskie names. The pretty girl has quitted one of the maiden and has reported that two days ago at its girlfriend the grapnel has disappeared. Someone has tendered a name: «I that which one trenches a fossa a knob», then have suddenly perceived that have made a reservation, and was corrected: «I that which one trenches a knob a fossa», but was pleasant to all the maiden name. The girl began to walk round prepared and to iterate that trenches a fossa a knob. Subitaneously long-haired guy in a frock has exclaimed: «It not your grapnel walks?» All were enveloped in a direction pointed by the guy, and the girl was at full speed launched to an animal. In a minute it already chided the reveller, having taken it on arms.

– Simorontsy have set up! – the humiliating snicker was distributed.

– Certainly! – we have confidently confirmed between laughter attacks, – and an intonement: «Simorontsy have set up!» Too we have set up!

When the laughter has ceased, there was an urticating brunette:

– At me the aglet was just lost, and I have thought what to discover it among sand and piny rollers it is almost impossible. I prepared to state this problem after the girl with a grapnel and have told about it to the acquaintance. It has renamed me, and almost at once the neigbour has gived me the discovered aglet.

– Well it is exact simorontsy have set up! – some voices were distributed at once.

As the curtain fell we have declared that the place on which one the seminar was held, henceforth is a force mestome, and, hence, all slubs which are in a "magic" circle – "are loaded" and will help at the solution of many problems. Then participants of a seminar were launched to assemble a miracle slubs.

The seminar was completed by grandiose parade-alle. All present, having joined hands, have organised a circle. Everyone by turns walked in a circle, iterating the new name, and powerful chorus of voices an echo responded to it. Some names were engraved in the memory: «I that which one pastes over desktop with the fish scales», «I what catches a boot a fowling piece».

After a seminar exited Nikita has approached and has exclaimed: «It appears, rename is much easier, than thanksgiving!» * and in the evening the seven-year boy, Vanja, has told that has lost self-made wood nunchaki. He has constituted simoronskoe a name: «I what is gargled on a wind», having seen, as the high wind blew diversicolorous flags on a grassy clearing **. When we have seen next time Vanju swinging nunchakami, it has remissly dropped: «And Simoron-to works».

The next day we were met by Vasja:

– My talisman was. However, I have hooked up three plots. When I have seen bathing boys upon me has dawned: if who discovers an amulet, only they. And I have yielded them the job – to discover a talisman. God has helped me, but I admit that wine of Simorona in it too are.

After mysterious speech of Vasja it is proud has taken seat on the stool, and we still for a long time reflected on the third plot and wine of Simorona. And the last day a lively filling of Vasja has touchingly clasped each of us in arms, having handed over on pjatnadtsatigrammovoj to a chocolate «Pushkin’s Fairy tale».

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Early Sunday morning the Father has departed on morning ablution and has discovered that the immovable tripod signal turika has lost the apex. There and then the Father has seen the machine standing nearby and tent near to which one the thorough nucleation site for from "native" rocks has been added.

Shoal was pulled farly enough and while you will reach a place, enough deep for diving, legs started to bring together from chill. Therefore the Father routinely three times was squeezed from a bottom near to beach. We will note that participants of a Petersburg lively filling traditionally bathe bared, and simorontsy strictly observe этикет*. When the father has quitted water, to him has unexpectedly called moustached tolstjachok in the swim pants, occurbed of tent:

– Listen, the muzhik, bathe in swim pants – at us the woman.

In time having recalled that before it its characteristic footprint of satellite beam, the Father has solved not to peak a situation. To stand up for the rights, demonstrating that we maiden have taken this place, or to be perturbed with larceny of rocks – meant to enlist negotiations with a hindrance. The father has made jakatelnyj recalculation:

– And that it I bare bathe, myself I confuse. That dangles at me between legs can was offensive to look to me. Generally it is curious to me to spy upon itself, but I pretend that me major boobs interest only.

Aloud the Father has promised to bathe in swim pants. The gust has informed flavour of roasting meat, the Father has guessed that on the nucleation site for the shashlick is plotted, and became «to what roasts a shashlick».

Beard has gone to bathe already in swim pants, mentally pouring a fumed shashlick with a dry wine. To its look the pattern causing affection has opened – tolstjachok, tender holding down to a chest of a spaniel, carried it on depth. Snug having supposed a dog on water, the moustached citizen began to play with it – to launch a small elastomeric ball. They it is noisy pottered in the water, happy the friend the friend.

Contented with changes on the exterior shield, the Beard the moment when tolstjachok has gone has waited to be heated to a fire. Scratching a beard, it has departed on negotiations. The muzhik has met him affably:

– We at you have borrowed rocks. Do not trouble – we after a dinner leave.

When a pair of clocks later Andryukha has departed behind water for tea, to it has approached tolstjachok and, having drawn through two polyethylene bottles with water, has told:

– We give thanks for rocks – here to you Petersburg vodichka! With us remained drovishki, I hope, they too will be useful to you.

"Drovishek" it has appeared three averages sosenki and a major branching X-tree.

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For a dinner we have welded a congee with raisin, dried, pitted and halved apricot, banana figs and a fig. Here Natalia who was stewed yesterday with us has approached to us. In arms it had a weighty rock. It is necessary to tell that poparitsja in simoronskoj to a ban it is uneasy – many interested persons. On one of lively fillings Andryukha has tried to impart experience and has held a seminar how to make a bath. The seminar was completed by a dip – the people have come with towels, in hope poparitsja and when it was clarified that for this purpose it is necessary to bring rocks and fire-woods all have dispersed. On numerous tryings to penetrate into a bath simorontsy made PVB. For men it sounded so: «the Ticket in a bath costs three averages sosenki and a rock», and women were offered to bring three trusses of brushwood or to assemble grasss for tea and to make a birchen broom.

Natalia "has with interest paid" the ticket still yesterday, and we were surprised, having seen it with a rock. On thirst of activity Natalia can be compared to Andryukha – it could not remain sitting in situ and has bypassed to district in search of rocks. Looking up have crowned by triumph – it has discovered a high-grade deposit of rocks. The pleasant surprise was effect of rename, after all we periodically «mortised a tree and crimped branches» *.

After a dinner we have departed to master a field. Andryukha here again remained is correct to itself – has taken the heaviest rock which one was arduously seated in a backpack.

The bunch of porters of rocks was expanded on some tens metres, and the Father brought up the rear. Here it was overtaken also by Maryanna who has launched to it through a grassy clearing. Marching in step with the Father, she has tried to perform entrapment:

– Vova, at you is now a time?

– Unless you do not see, what I bowl a heavy rock?

– Sorry, I then will discover you later.

– Try.

The father was happy with itself – one phrase it has applied PVB and was renamed in
«what bowls a rock». And it has made it because well knew Maryanna. On a lively filling before last after one of simoronskih seminars it "has pressed" the Beard with an array of problems, and that with it worked some times. But on it Maryanna was not abirritated and, meeting the Beard, each time strove to "palm off" the same problems, without listening to its speeches. Its incessant tryings to attract in it the Father bumped on invariable PVB: «the Beard is better unmade in your problems, than I». Past year, hardly having caught sight of Maryanna, simorontsy were amicably renamed. However its rush was so crushing that the Father not otvertelsja was necessary to it to devote hour ones and a half, and even.

When the Father prikatil the rock on simoronskuju parking it has not failed to be divided with the Beard a joy message. Simorontsy at the sight of Maryanna or its tent mentally rolled rocks, and till the end of a lively filling Maryanna to them and "has not clung". For the sake of justice it is necessary to note that Maryanna’s some problems were unexpectedly permitted.

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Next day there has arrived the director of a bath – Andryukha. We have met him, walking round a central grassy clearing. First we at all have not learnt it as Andryukha’s fashion on a lively filling associated with the faded costume from orange parachute silk, and this time it has arrived in shorts, kamuflirovannoj to a jacket, a cap and in fashionable sun glasses. We have explained to it how to discover simoronskuju parking, and have prolonged camp visual inspection, hailing old acquaintances.

Every year Andryukha attacked with something us on a lively filling. Its creativity is customary was with special emphasis displayed in a bath design sophistication. So, once Andryukha has brought on a lively filling thick rods the accessoriess weighing about five kilogramme, having dragged through them in a heavy backpack of 10 kilometres on thirty-degree heat. He has conceived to warm up for magnification of temperature of rocks them also from below. The pit which one edges the originator has lined rocks has been dug and has erected on them a grid from the rods, serving by the foundation for turika. Under a grid the firewood ensuring a warming-up of rocks from below were enclosed. The construction has appeared ineffective, and simorontsy with alleviating have sighed – they should not carry with themselves железяки*.

Another time Andryukha the dug out which one was made on a lively filling by two umeltsa has struck. Instead of trailing on a lively filling tent, they have dug a deep fosse, staffs on top have supposed, have straddled fir twigs, then have supposed polyethylene and powdered a greensward. Having visited this block construction, Andryukha has for ever lost rest – of it the obsession has taken possession – to build a bath-dugout. The idea is not implemented yet, but every year accretes additional details.

However quite often Andrjuhiny ratspredlozhenija differed tolkovostju. Deification of its creativity was the bath boot in the form of tent without a bottom, seamed of a parachute fabric. The cover fulfilled two functions: ensured an additional heat insulation and safeguarded from caking polyethylene stratums. The innovation has appeared rather successful: to remain sitting in a ban of more than two minutes it was impossible and it was necessary to unclose a door to exhaust superfluous fever!

This time Andryukha’s creative burst was embodied in a placard «PVB!», fulfilled by water-resisting indian ink on a stria of a light tissue. When we have returned from walk, the native slogan flaunted over a lane among a tangle, to leaders on simoronskuju parking. The artist measuredly rocked in the hammock brought by it. Having nodded towards piny logs, the director of a bath has approvingly quacked: «I See, a time did not lose» for nothing. Then it has told that in a train «Moscow – St.-Petersburg» it among night was woken by loud voices. It was clarified that by the October railroad there was an accident, the working of trains has been ceased, and passengers stormy considered what to make further?

Andryukha’s active character simply did not allow it to sit and wait, while the working of trains will continue. Being the skilled tourist who has subdued mauntains, fusing on the stormy rivers which have transited a taiga, tundra, wilderness, Andryukha was selected from the most dummy places of the former USSR. The habit to go an unbeaten trail frequently jogged him on looking up of thoroughfare tracks, even when there was an obvious direct track. The impression was added that Andryukha purposely "canceled" electric trains or autobuss to reach an unusual method. As a rule, the occurring with Andryukha on a lively filling began with the uneasy story about what hindrances have originated on its trajectory and as it is contrive it them has overcome.

For example, the majority of participants reaches on jahromsky a lively filling at first by an electric train, then assaults the domestic autobus, and, at last, it is necessary to transit three kilometres on foot. Once Andryukha prikatil on a lively filling on the velocipede also it is proud has told that did not depend on the time schedule of autobuss and did not trail a heavy backpack. It was necessary for Andryukha to go to Moscow to fold the bulletin, and he calculated that the velocipede will easy this journey. From Moscow it has returned fairly mared, with deep grazes edgewise and a right hand, and has immediately been renamed.

Greedy glotanuv fruit tea endways from a bowl, Andryukha, being held down for heart, a rhonchial voice has told about the adventures. Journey to Moscow has begun with inconceivable race on the velocipede as in the morning Andryukha has overslept and on an electric train explicitly delayed. When it, as hurricane, has flown in village, the electric train screen behind was heard. To a gantry there were 500 metres on an impassable mud, in a bypass road of vegetable gardens. The despaired racing driver has cried out in all throat: «Stepanych, help!» Also has by and by beheld a dry path between vegetable gardens, straight the leader to a gantry. At the last minute Andryukha has had time to jump at doors of the electrical train and by the assigned o’clock has arrived to an out-patient department.

The previous assaying of a blood has demonstrated retention of inflammatory process in an organism of the director of a bath. And this time the blood was ideal on all indexes. Dumbfounded vrachihe it was necessary to make a helpless gesture and fold the bulletin only. Abiding in euphoria, Andryukha has departed next day on a lively filling and on road again has got into trouble.

Its fatalities have begun that have canceled last before a time-out a long-range electric train. The reader, was possiblly, has already guessed that Andryukha did not begin to wait four hours at passenger depot. Without having paid to a hindrance any attention, it has rushed in outbreak. Having driven by an electric train of twenty kilometres to the mediate point and having selected an intricate track through villages with amusing titles: Kuzjaevo, Svistuha, Shustrikovo, Andrey intended to overcome remained magpies of kilometres on the velocipede.

From prompt driving on gas-polluted highway at it "has fired" lungs, and then heart was ill. In the end Andryukha has risked to move down from an abrupt mount and, without having managed to drive, has carried out flying through a steer.

Come in itself it could only in the evening, after hot banki when, blissful stretching, has said: «Listen, and I – in deep zero point!»

Such associations were caused in us by the story of the director of a bath how it reached a roundabout track on poputkah, domestic autobuss, electric trains and, at last, has come to be in a hammock. It has appeared that we had time to jump Bologoe for half an hour before accident. We have renamed Andrey as soon as it has begun the story, and was clarified that all of us have yielded it an equal name: «I what looks from shorts». By then he has abandoned a hammock and has settled down on brevnyshke opposite to us. He sat, widely having moved apart legs, and from lacerated shorts looked a subject on which one it was possible to spot Andryukha’s fittings to a male.

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The alternate lively filling under Peter should take place on Karelian isthmus, on lakeshore Vuoksa. It was termed now not "Rainbow", and «the Summer solstice» as the composition of participants was modified. Organizers have solved to shield this great ordinance from noxious influencing of a small hemp and consequently hippies did not participate in this lively filling. They led "Rainbow" under Bologoe, in a place where it is possible to reach only on a hand car. Indians, on a habit, have gone on "Rainbow".

To this time in Simoron has been enlisted"the Beard which one together with the Father and his son Nikita has gone on a lively filling. We have got used to reach a lively filling place on a passing carrier and were not surprised, when at a gantry"Losevo"we were waited by two legkovushki.

In half an hour we have appeared on a dirt road in the middle working scaffolds. While we stamped on a path to destination, the view skilled parilshchikov slipped on environmental terrain in search of rocks and dry деревьев*. The more longly we went, the more strongly we were enveloped by bewilderment: where boulders and a dead-standing tree, so customary for working scaffolds of Leningrad region? On the way to a place of a lively filling to us it was not got any rock, even by value about a tappet. And from dry coniferous trees we have marked all some jumbos with whom it is possible to fill up only with a petrole-powered chain saw. We were renamed: the Beard, having heard a pecker, became «to those who mortises a tree», and the Father, having noticed a sprawling scrub of a cedar, – «that who bizarrely crimps branches».

Soon we have come to be on a major sandy grassy clearing on which one some tents dazzled and was raised lone tipi **. Having seen it, we have perceived at once that it and is a central grassy clearing of a lively filling. From a north it was environed by a piny wood, and from the south – a loch Vuoksa hose. This hose resembled the wide river, and to a the far bank was approximately half-kilometre. The boggy lakeshore has grown with the high grass similar to a cane, with the dense hollow stem. The reedbeds coating a vast band of land alongshore, were pulled on the West to the horizon.

We have specially arrived one day prior to official discovery of a lively filling, on purpose to take a place for simoronskogo minicamp which one is inconceivable without a bath. And for this purpose it is necessary, that there was a friend approach to water that nearby there was a fire-wood and eligible rocks, and it is desirable, that this place was difficult for discovering. To go west in reed thickets it would not be desirable, and we were propelled alongshore to the east where strias of neritic sand were seen. The owner of sensitive audition could hear the percussion of a pecker reaching from bizarrely curling reedbeds. Having transited metres two hundred, we have noticed in water an eligible boulder, and nearby – four more rocks. It was the good character which one suggested that is time to seek a secluded place for tents. Almost at once we have discovered in a narrow neritic stria working scaffolds the small greenward environed by the dense brushwoods of trees and bushes.

Behind backpacks we have gone not on sinuous beach, and on a forest road. Here we were expected also by a surprise. We are lengthways expensive have seen a woodpile, value about the good barn, straddled by a polyethylene film which one was pressed down from below by delightsome rocks. Further in the middle of a piny wood the whole housing estate was allocated. Specially attacked an exposed woodwork: the sheds which have been hammered together from a timber forest, desktops behind which one it was possible to feed a company of the soldiers, the poles dug into land on which one daisies the wood ware hung, billets for sitting, "thrones", seats, bench-bases and other gadgets, which assignment and remains for us secret. There was a feel that we have got in a fairy tale.

The greatest delight, specially at Nikita, three objects have caused: a forcing bed, a gym and the shower booth representing a frame fitted by polyethylene from piny brevnyshek, with the same door. At the top of a booth inverted two-litre plastic carboys without a bottom, filled with water have been installed. Mode of functioning of a shower was simple and ingenious: it was necessary to turn off cork of one of bottles as on the tired summer resident the jet renewing vodichki would be poured. We, truth, not absolutely perceived necessity of the yielded facility, after all all in twenty metres from it was allocated magnificent sandy pljazhik, flowed about by surges of Vuoksa. The gym consisted of the Swedish wall, bolsters, a crosspiece and a wood couch on which one the athlete reclined, squeezing out that the wood rod, dumb-bells.

The pattern was added by the thorough stairways reclined to shafts of secular pines thick which one dry branches have been snug cut. We were glad ingenuities of the person – instead of following fire-woods in working scaffolds, it has made a manway and has got behind them on a tree. Involuntarily on mind the by-word has come classic simoronskaja: «simoronist the legs does not walk anywhere».

Between constructions tents and the multiplace tents straddled by Membranula which one edges nestled a line-up of "bath" cobblestones  were allocated. Many tents had cars. Did not cause doubts that the settlement is grounded many years ago. It was necessary to be surprised only why "housing estate" is not environed with a deep ditch and a paling from logs. However, the farm was guarded by dogs who have spitefully barked at us at once. Specially the sheep-dog torn to circuits threateningly looked. Probably, the reader has already guessed that dog bark has demanded rename. For the Beard the plane flying by by, and for the Father – a moth turning about scrubs became a clearance cue. We have acquired names: «I what
buzz in heavens» and «what turns over a scrub».

Having returned on the chosen place, we have bathed, have located for a bath and have dragged there the discovered rocks. Then we have undertaken setting of tents which one has been interrupted by visit of the spy from a housing estate. The vigorous elderly woman has indignantly exclaimed: «It is your child teased my dog, launching in it of a knob?» It is doubtless, it were Nikita’s tricks. We have reassured it that we will accept adequate measures but as it was clarified, the true job of the explorer was another. The woman, looking to us in eyes, ozabochenno has told:

– You have selected the extremely unsuccessful place: in these scrubs many gadflies and mosquitoes are found, my dogs loud bark will hinder you to sleep, and for the weekend to us there come the noisy companies of friends and relatives.

On it we, guessing the true purpose of its visitation, with a smile have made to the lady gallant PVB:

– Mosquitoes do not frighten us, and when we will go to bed, both dogs, and the noisy companies will already have the twenty seventh sleep.

Not expecting such impudence the spy has become nervous and has produced the purpose of the visit:

– Search better for other place! Here you to us will hinder and gall my dogs.

While the lady spoke, we mentally buzzed in heavens and turned over a scrub and when it has concluded – have promised to make friends with dogs. The explorer had to go home nesolono hlebavshi.

Having bungled quickly a seagull with sandwiches, we have departed behind fire-woods. Having complained about stupidity of organizers of the lively filling which has selected so unsuccessful place, we began to mortise «diligently a tree» and «to crimp branches». Being sunk by all further, but and without having discovered any "bath" rock, we, at last, have reached places, maiden dry pines of a mean which one would suffice on kind one hundred baths stood summer residents – everywhere. «Differently also could not be, as it is wizards remain without a bath!» – we have thought. Zealously having got down to business, we have committed some runs and have ensured myself with fire-woods on a half-lively filling, having dragged about a dozen good sosenok. Dragging the sawed logs, we have met the old acquaintance who has helped to search for missing rocks. It has demonstrated the dug out which has saved since war, and in it it has appeared four weighty "bulnika".

Next day we have perceived that were overzealous in bath cares, – all skew field ached. The arms which have been tired out by heavy backpacks and piny logs had specially an effect. But all has been forgotten, when the bath cover has swung open, and we were blissful relaxed about incandescent rocks – after all we waited for this instant the whole year.

Having substantiated after banki, we have departed on dances. As our trajectory lay by "farm", we, hardly having caught sight of a grandiose stack, propechatali "country" names. Effects have not decelerated to affect – summer residents it was not visible, and the sheep-dog nonpredatory slept, razvaljas on sand, and the knob was stuck to its foreleg. The pattern was very harmonic (mirroring our state after a bath), and we have included so obvious cue of a support in the new formula of rename: «I what is fulled with a knob in a foot».

Being returned after dances and vrazvalochku missing "summer residents", we have heard dissatisfied muttering of the mistress of a sheep-dog: «everyones Walk here, hardly legs roam – only dogs tease». We have asked a problem: «What words the mistress if we have missed it a fast pace would show the discontent?» And it is amicable propechatali: «I what is fulled with a knob in a foot».

When next day we strode by a housing estate, the sheep-dog who is freely walking about on a grassy clearing, has run up to us and has licked Nikita’s arms, and its mistress has in a pointed manner turned away. Thereby the agreement on peaceful co-existence has been signed".

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I was acquainted with Antonina at an ice-hole. I have already bathed, pleasant light morozets allocated to lecture, and we with unfamiliar dedochkom considered the book of Satprema «Shri Aurobindo, or consciousness travelling». Unexpectedly in lecture the fragile woman wiped after an ice font was tampered: «you know, I have not taken off yesterday nearly. I think that today at me it will be gained».

We were acquainted, and was clarified that Antonina transits a second stage of transcendental meditation of Maharishi. Antonina, mother of four adult sons, differed extreme activity – she bathed in an ice-hole, fasted, walked on occupations in school Antonova, Gregarious Tonja always sang in chorus etc. was well informed about the Moscow esoteric mode and gossips. She has played in my life the significant role. In the summer she has coaxed me to go on club "Cosmos" Ja.I lively filling. Koltunova, transiting in July near Serpukhov.

I have taken tent, a rug and a sleeping bag from friends and for the first time lived in marching requirements. Along a scenic river the closed loop belt pulled diversicolorous tents. The number of participants of a lively filling explicitly exceeded one thousand person – only from Dnepropetrovsk has arrived more than hundred. Since early morning various events were until late at night carried out: meditative run, occupations by yoga and ushu; after a lunch collection of grasss, bathing, seminars on healing, improving systems, jasnovideniju, jasnoslyshaniju; transited spiritual dances in the evening; and at night, to the guitar – heart-to-heart talks at fires.

There I have learnt that under Peter during the white nights lively fillings "Rainbow" on which one quoters of various spiritual movements of Russia, short-range and even the far abroad gather are regularly led: yogas and ushuisty, krishnaity and vissarionovtsy, hippie and indeanisty, astrologists and psychologists, holodinamisty and dianetics, oshevtsy and Buddhists, christians and Russian adder’s tongues and …

Certainly, in the following summer I have departed on "Rainbow". Weather has settled the most serious examination – three days there was a heavy rain on end. "Teapots" have flown past (i.e. their tents have got wet), many did not have any dry thing, and the rain all went and went. Therefore the considerable proportion of people has left. But then weather was installed the perfect. On this lively filling I was acquainted with Andryukha. One month ago it on the Moscow training has fallen under charm of Burlana and with purpose of heart advocated Simoron.

For a year I to something have learnt and before the alternate lively filling have solved to work with weather that such deluge any more was not. At the same time I have reserved interesting people, fun etc. When we with the son have come back home, the wife very much was surprised – we have arrived tanned, and in Moscow and Peter there was a wet weather with temperature of 10-15 degrees of heat, and in a vegetable garden on a rate situated near Moscow almost all has decayed.

Soon we have gone on an analogous lively filling in Yakhroma near Moscow, and I have again agreed with weather. There two weeks there was a heat of 26-30 degrees without a uniform rain. Having returned, we have learnt that in Moscow and Moscow suburbs was cool and is rainy.

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